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A lifelong horse obsession

We have been refining our breeding program for over 40 years to produce the most personable, athletic, trainable, and beautiful companions imaginable. 

Cindy originally hails from upstate New York, where she discovered her passion for animals working on a dairy farm and riding her pony through the countryside. After moving to California, Cindy distinguished herself as a ranch and breeding manager at Gibson Arabians, where she directed the care of upward of 100 immaculately bred Egyptian horses. 

While managing Gibson Arabians, Cindy met and married Bob Morgan- an equine veterinarian. Cindy and Bob established Mt. Pleasant Arabian Horses in 1984, and have been breeding, training, and loving Arabian horses ever since. 

In 2022, Cindy and Bob moved the ranch across the country to the Horse Capital of the World: Lexington, Kentucky! They are still standing the incomparable Mirage V++++// and offering breeding services and select sales.





We offer on-site breeding to Mirage V++++//, as well as shipped semen.


Meet the Team


Cindy Morgan

Cindy runs the show, managing breeding, training, and horse husbandry. Her taste in Arabian horses is unparalleled, and she loves creating exquisitely beautiful animals with excellent conformations and temperaments.  


Bob Morgan

With extensive veterinary experience and specialization in equine reproduction, Bob keeps the all of the horses healthy, happy, and thriving. Bob is especially beloved by the horses thanks to his generous administration of carrots and cookies.   


Erica Morgan

Erica is Cindy's assistant and does whatever needs doing. She is our foal halter trainer, mare midwife, irrigation repair-woman,  and parasite preventer. Erica applies the principles of Natural Horsemanship to all of our foal handling. 

Meet the Team


Reggie is the director of the welcome committee and self-assigned foal kisser.



Murray is the other half of the welcome committee. He is a fan of the pond and the comic relief of the ranch. Most jokes are at Murray's expense.


Orange Cat

Creatively named, and incredibly distinguished, Orange stays above the fray and keeps the moles and other rodents in check.

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